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Men’s Softball European Super Cup 2023 - Official Payoff
Locos Breclav make history clinging Men's Softball European Super Cup for the first time in history
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Locos Breclav make history clinging Men's Softball European Super Cup for the first time in history

The Men’s Softball European Super Cup games are taking place in Haarlem, Netherlands. The Men's Softball Europe Cup games are taking place in Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands.

Men’s Softball European Super Cup

Gold Medal Game: Magos Tenerife (ESP) VS Locos Breclav (CZE): 1-2
The Men's Softball European Super Cup's gold medal game between Magos Tenerife (ESP) and Locos Breclav (CZE) was a very balanced game, characterized by stellar pitching performances from PIMENTEL SIVIRA, who was making his eighth appearance in the tournament for Magos Tenerife (ESP), and OSIČKA representing the Locos Breclav (CZE).

Earlier in the day, the teams engaged in an epic 11-inning battle, ultimately resulting in a victory for the Locos Breclav (CZE).

In the gold medal game, the Locos Breclav (CZE) made their mark in the bottom of the fifth inning. TUREK walked, advanced to second on a passed ball, reached third base following a defensive error, and ultimately scored on a wild pitch.

However, in the top of the sixth inning, the Spanish team wasted no time in responding. They swiftly tied the game as KIRSTEIN walked, moved to second on a ground ball by FLORES, and then scored on a single by CRUZ MORALES.

The bottom of the seventh inning brought the defining moment of the match. TUREK hit in the gap between the shortstop and third baseman, showcased aggressive baserunning to reach second, while HOLOBRADEK reached on a fielding error. MAGULA received an intentional walk to load the bases, setting the stage for the Locos Breclav (CZE). TUREK ultimately scored on a wild pitch, securing the victory and marking a historic moment as a Czech team clinched the Men's Softball European Super Cup for the first time in history.

Magos Tenerife (ESP) deservedly earned the silver medal, also thanks to the outstanding pitching prowess of PIMENTEL SIVIRA, who pitched a remarkable 64.2 innings in just six days, maintaining an impressive 0.65 ERA throughout.

Montpellier Barracudas (FRA) VS Magos Tenerife (ESP): 0-7
In a one-sided match, the Magos Tenerife (ESP) secured their spot in the gold medal game by defeating the Montpellier Barracudas (FRA) with a 7-0 victory.

The Magos displayed their dominance right from the beginning, scoring twice in the very first inning. They further extended their lead in the fourth inning, with PIMENTEL SIVIRA and CRUZ MORALES adding two more runs, bringing the score to 4-0. In the fifth inning, three additional runs were added, sealing the fate of the game in a decisive manner.

With this win, the Magos Tenerife (ESP) have earned their place in the final, where they face off against the Locos Breclav (CZE). Meanwhile, the Montpellier Barracudas (FRA) are awarded the bronze medal for their efforts.

Hurricans (DEN) VS Montpellier Barracudas (FRA): 3-4
Montpellier Barracudas (FRA) clinched a hard-fought victory against the Hurricans (DEN) in a nail-biting contest. In the opening inning, TWIGDEN managed to cross the plate thanks to a single by JANOUSEK, allowing the French team to seize the lead, which they held onto throughout the game. The third inning saw BOUCHERON and JANOUSEK each crossing home plate twice for the Barracudas, all thanks to a crucial triple by GOODALL.

In the following inning, BOUCHERON delivered yet another triple and subsequently scored on a single by TWIGDEN, extending their lead to 4-0.

However, in the top of the fifth inning, the Danish team mounted a comeback. TWIGDEN started things off with a single and later scored on a game-changing 2-RBIs homerun courtesy of Frederik TERKELSEN, narrowing the gap. During the fourth inning, ANDERSEN added another run for the Danish squad with a single by LOHMANN, bringing the final score to a close 4-3.

The Montpellier Barracudas (FRA) advance, while the Hurricans (DEN) ranked fourth.

Locos Breclav (CZE) VS Magos Tenerife (ESP): 5-3
It took eleven full innings to define whether Locos Breclav (CZE) or Magos Tenerife (ESP) won a ticket for the final.

In the bottom of the fifth, PIRELA VILLALOBOS reached second base on an error by the Czech defense and scored on a hit by GIRAUT. The Czech reacted right away on the bottom of the sixth: LUŇÁK tripled and scored on a single on the opposite field by OPLUŠTIL, to take the game back to a tie, 1-1.

Another tie was reached in the ninth inning when VEVERKA scored on a single by KOLŮCH for the Locos. PIMENTEL SIVIRA tied the game at the bottom of the ninth inning when he scored on ELSNER's grounder.

The Locos took the lead again in the top of the tenth inning, thanks to a deep triple in the gap by FORMAN, allowing MAGULA to score the third run for the Locos. Mago ace player PIMENTEL SIVIRA tied the game for the Magos with a single on the right side to let MARTIJN score the third run and take the game to 3-3.

On the eleventh, the Czechs scored two runs to take the game to 5-3. KOLŮCH reached third base on a hit on the left field side allowing OPLUŠTIL to score to then score the fifth run courtesy of an error of the Spanish defense.

Czech pitcher OSIČKA closed the door striking out the three Spanish batters and winning the ticket to the Men's Softball European Super Cup gold medal game.

Montpellier Barracudas (FRA) VS Olympia Haarlem (NED): 7-5
The game between Montpellier Barracudas (FRA) and Olympia Haarlem (NED) resumed after the rain interruption on Friday night with the score of 5-2. The French scored another run in the second inning (COLOMES - LE PICHON on a double by JANOUSEK) to take the game to 6-2. In the fifth inning, POKORNÝ hit a home run for the Barracudas and took the game to 7-2. In the bottom of the fifth, DELFINA scored for the Dutch on a sacrifice fly by BEAUMONT, VOLF scored on a defensive error and CORNELISSE scored on a double by VERBRUGGE. 7-5, final result of the game.

Painbusters Most (CZE) VS Hurricans (DEN): 4-7
Three home runs decided the game between Painbusters Most (CZE) and Hurricans (DEN).
MALY Marek hit a three-run home run in the bottom of the first to take the lead for the Hurricans; the Czech scored twice in the sixth inning (2 RBI single by SVOBODA) and twice more in the top of the seventh to take the lead for the first time courtesy of a long 2-RBIs homerun by ŠUCHA Vojtěch; and the bottom of the seventh, the Danish tied the game on a hit by MALY Marek, and walked-off thanks to a homerun by PETR Tomas.

Men's Softball European Super Cup Final Standings:
1: Locos Breclav (CZE)
2: Magos Tenerife (ESP)
3: Montpellier Barracudas (FRA)
4: Hurricanes (DEN)
5: Olympia Haarlem (NED)
6: Painbusters Most (CZE)
7: Stenløse Bulls (DEN)
8: Les Rabbits (FRA)
9: Chicaboo's (BEL)
10: Czechia U23 (CZE)
11: Hoboken Pioneers (BEL)
12: Span (CRO)

Men's Softball Europe Cup

In the final of the Men's Softball Europe Cup, Spectrum Praha (CZE) clinched the gold medal with a resounding 10-2 victory over DVH Amstelveen (NED). Deurne Spartans (BEL) won the bronze medal.

Cover photo by Aneta Šimůnková