28/08/2023 - 02/09/2023


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Men’s Softball European Super Cup 2023 - Official Payoff
Defined the twelve teams advancing to the Super Cup
30/08/2023 2 Minute Read

Defined the twelve teams advancing to the Super Cup

The third day of the Men’s Softball European Super Cup provided a day filled with games, despite an initial rain delay. All scheduled games were played, making for an eventful day of softball in the Netherlands. With the top 12 teams securing their spots in the Super Cup, the stage is set for the battle for the Super Cup and Softball Europe trophies.

The third day of the Men's Softball European Super Cup kicked off with a minor setback as rain caused a delay in the schedule. However, the efforts of the event's local organising committees allowed for a swift adjustment, ensuring that all games were played later in the day. 

The top 12 teams emerged, securing their places in the Super Cup competition.

Group A:
In Group A, Montpellier Barracudas (FRA) faced a tough challenge against the U-23 Czech national team. The game extended into the eighth inning, and Montpellier Barracudas clinched a vital 4-3 victory. This hard-fought win marked a significant step for the French team.

The Stenløse Bulls (DEN) secured a decisive 10-3 victory against the Meteors (GBR) in five innings. 

A gripping battle between Czechia U23 (CZE) and Stenløse Bulls (DEN) went into extra innings, ultimately resulting in a dramatic win for the Danish team thanks to a grand slam walkoff homer by HOLMELUND, who currently leads the tournament for RBIs. 

The Vennep Flyers (NED) fought but fell short against the Meteors (GBR), with a final score of 4-3, in the last game of the day.

Advancing from Group A to the Super Cup are Stenløse Bulls (DEN), Montpellier Barracudas (FRA), and Czechia U23 (CZE).

Group B:
Group B saw an action-packed clash between Magos Tenerife (ESP) and Hurricans (DEN) at the Amstelveen ballpark. The Danish secured a 9-2 victory over Magos Tenerife: the Danish scored in the second inning - (PETR on a Wild pitch), in the fourth (MALY on a sacrifice fly by JALUŠKA), and in the seventh ( ENOKA on a sacrifice fly by MALY). MALY was also the winning pitcher (7.0 IP, 3H).

The Hurricans continued their winning streak by defeating Spectrum Praha (CZE) 9-2 in just five innings.

Magos Tenerife (ESP) made a stunning comeback against the Hoboken Pioneers (BEL), triumphing with a 5-inning win. 

Spectrum Praha (CZE) emerged victorious against DVH Amstelveen (NED) with a dominant 10-1 victory in five innings.

Advancing to the Super Cup from Group B are the undefeated Hurricans (DEN), Magos Tenerife (ESP), and Hoboken Pioneers (BEL).

Group C:
In Group C, the Chicaboo's (BEL) secured a 3-1 win against VSC Sweden (SWE). 

Span (CRO) claimed a 4-0 victory against the Stags (GBR), demonstrating their prowess in challenging conditions due to a rain-shortened game.

A rescheduled matchup between Span (CRO) and Chicaboo's (BEL) on Field 2 of Nieuw-Vennep resulted in a significant 5-1 win for the Croatian team, solidifying their advancement. Winning pitcher BELAS Kristijan (W) allowed 0 hits on 5.0 innings pitched. 

Locos Breclav (CZE) delivered a dominating performance with a 10-0 win against Stags (GBR). Winning pitcher COLOMBO PEREZ did not allow any hits.

Advancing to the Super Cup from Group C are Locos Breclav (CZE), Span (CRO), and Chicaboo's (BEL).

Group D:
In Group D, Painbusters Most (CZE) started with a commanding 7-1 win against Les Rabbits (FRA). 

The Painbusters Most (CZE) continued their impressive run with a thrilling 11-9 victory over the Deurne Spartans (BEL) in a game rich with hits (20), including four home runs (by CHAIBUB CORONEL, MOSTAERT, KOČÍ, and ŠTÝS), and errors (6).

The Deurne Spartans (BEL) secured a 5-3 win against MRKI Medvedi (CRO).

MRKI Medvedi (CRO) rebounded with a hard-fought 5-4 victory against Olympia Haarlem (NED) in the first extra inning, scoring once in the eighth inning (HLAVÁČ on a single by GARCIA WILLIAMS). 

The Locos Breclav (CZE) won 7-0 against VSC Sweden (SWE), in a five-inning game.

In Group D, Olympia Haarlem (NED), Painbusters Most (CZE), and Les Rabbits (FRA) secured their spots in the Super Cup.

Deurne Spartans (BEL), DVH Amstelveen (NED), Meteors (GBR), MRKI Medvedi (CRO), Spectrum Praha (CZE), Stags (GBR), Vennep Flyers (NED) and VSC Sweden (SWE) did not advance to the Super Cup and will play the Softball Europe Cup starting tomorrow. Those playing in the Softball Europe Cup have a chance to make their mark in the coming days. 

Cover photo by Robert Meijboom