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Men’s Softball European Super Cup 2023 - Official Payoff
Entering the European Super Cup & the Softball Europe Cup: day 4 recap
31/08/2023 2 Minute Read

Entering the European Super Cup & the Softball Europe Cup: day 4 recap

The Men’s Softball European Super Cup continued to be a rollercoaster of games as it entered its fourth day in Haarlem, Amstelveen, and Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands. Despite the rain causing delays, the competition heated up as the top 12 teams for the opening round entered the Men's Softball European Super Cup, while the lower-ranked teams battled it out in the Men’s Softball European Cup.

Men's Softball European Super Cup
The French team, Montpellier Barracudas, delivered a commanding performance against Chicaboo's from Belgium, securing a 8-0 victory in just five innings. The star of the game was pitcher Liam TWIGDEN, who left the Belgians with no hits.

In a closely contested game, Magos Tenerife from Spain managed to edge out a 2-1 win against Les Rabbits of France. The Spanish team scored crucial runs in the first and sixth innings. Despite a valiant attempt by Les Rabbits for a comeback, Magos Tenerife held their ground and secured the victory.

The Belgian team, Hoboken Pioneers, triumphed over Span from Croatia with a convincing score of 11-3. The Croatians struggled defensively, committing four errors that contributed to the Pioneers' victory.

The Painbusters Most from the Czech Republic showcased their resilience in a come-from-behind victory against Czechia U23. Trailing 3-0, Painbusters Most mounted a seven-run inning, propelling them to an eventual 8-5 triumph.

Montpellier Barracudas faced the Hurricans from Denmark in a match that proved to be a challenging game for the French team. The Hurricans dominated proceedings, securing a comprehensive 7-0 victory and advancing in the competition.

Magos Tenerife continued their winning streak as they faced off against Stenløse Bulls from Denmark. The Spanish team demonstrated their offensive prowess, scoring three runs in the first inning and another run in the third. With Pitcher PIMENTEL SIVIRA's standout performance, Magos Tenerife clinched a 4-0 victory.

The home team, Olympia Haarlem from the Netherlands, engaged in a closely contested match against the Hoboken Pioneers. The game remained scoreless until the first extra inning, when Olympia Haarlem managed to secure a walk-off victory with a walk, advancing them to the next stage of the competition.

In the final match of the day, Locos Breclav from the Czech Republic emerged victorious against Painbusters Most with a 4-1 scoreline.

The Hurricans from Denmark are set to face Magos Tenerife from Spain, while Olympia Haarlem from the Netherlands will take on Locos Breclav from the Czech Republic. These matches will determine which teams advance to the top of the winning bracket.

In the losing bracket, Span (CRO) will go up against Stenløse Bulls (DEN), Czechia U23 (CZE) will face Montpellier Barracudas (FRA), Chicaboo's (BEL) will compete against Painbusters Most (CZE), and Les Rabbits (FRA) will battle Hoboken Pioneers (BEL), each team vying to keep their tournament hopes alive.

Men’s Softball Europe Cup
In the Men’s Softball Europe Cup, the action was equally electrifying. MRKI Medvedi from Croatia kicked off their day with a commanding 6-3 victory over Meteors from Great Britain. However, lost their next challenge facing DVH Amstelveen from the Netherlands, who had previously bested Stags from Great Britain with a resounding 8-0 win. In fact, DVH Amstelveen continued their impressive run, overpowering MRKI Medvedi with a score of 11-2, securing the top position in the Softball Europe bracket. This victory positioned DVH Amstelveen as a contender for the tournament's final.

Spectrum Praha from the Czech Republic won over VSC Sweden with an impressive 7-0 scoreline. Meanwhile, Deurne Spartans from Belgium secured a 8-1 victory over the Vennep Flyers from the Netherlands. However, the Belgian team couldn't maintain their momentum when they went up against Spectrum Praha. The Czech team delivered an outstanding 7-0 victory over Deurne Spartans.

With their respective victories, Spectrum Praha and DVH Amstelveen are now poised for a highly anticipated showdown in the quest for the Men’s Softball Europe Cup. The team emerging victorious in this clash will earn the right to advance to the final. 

Streaming is offered by the local organising committe on the WBSC Europe YouTube Channel and play-by-play is available for all games on the official event's website.

Cover photo by Aneta Šimůnková