07/11/2023 - 11/11/2023

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Baseball5 European Championship 2023 - Official Payoff
France, Netherlands, Spain, Lithuania, Belgium, and Italy advance to Baseball5 Euros super round
09/11/2023 1 Minute Read

France, Netherlands, Spain, Lithuania, Belgium, and Italy advance to Baseball5 Euros super round

On November 9th, the Baseball5 European Championship continued at the Lithuanian Sports Complex in Druskininkai, Lithuania. The day witnessed intense competition as teams vied for a coveted spot in the Super Round and a chance to secure the title of European Champion, along with two spots at the WBSC World Cup.

Six teams secured their places in the Super Round on day three of the Baseball5 European Championship 2023: France, Netherlands, and Spain from Group A, along with Lithuania, Belgium, and Italy from Group B.

A three-way tie in the Group A standings among Spain, Finland, and Bulgaria was effectively resolved through the calculation of TQB, ultimately securing Spain's advancement to the next stage of the Baseball5 European Championship. This way, Spain achieves a historic milestone by qualifying among the top six at its first-ever international Championship of Baseball5.

The remaining teams, Bulgaria, Czechia, Finland, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, and Estonia, will engage in further matches to determine their final standings in the Euros.

Standings can be found here.

A total of twelve games unfolded across the two fields on the third day:

Field 1:

  • Lithuania vs. Estonia: 2-0 (Best of 3: 0-13; 8-0)
  • Estonia vs. Belgium: 0-2 (Best of 3: 6-0; 0-10)
  • Czechia vs. Lithuania: 0-2 (Best of 3: 8-4; 0-10)
  • Romania vs. France: 0-2 (Best of 3: 15-0; 0-11)
  • Spain vs. Latvia: 2-1 (Best of 3: 12-2; 4-1; 0-3)
  • Italy vs. Belgium: 0-2 (Best of 3: 4-0; 2-3)
  • France vs. Finland: 2-0 (Best of 3: 3-14; 12-2)

Field 2:

  • Bulgaria vs. Latvia: 2-1 (Best of 3: 1-5; 0-3; 1-6)
  • Netherlands vs. Finland: 2-0 (Best of 3: 0-4; 3-2)
  • Bulgaria vs. Spain: 2-1 (Best of 3: 3-2; 3-1; 12-8)
  • Romania vs. Netherlands: 1-2 (Best of 3: 6-5; 3-0; 3-0)
  • Moldova vs. Estonia: 0-2 (Best of 3: 6-5; 0-5 forfeit)

All detailed box scores and additional information for Day 3 can be found in the daily report #3, accessible here.

As the day concluded, attention turns now to the forthcoming Super Round and Placement Round.

Cover photo by Evaldas Žarkaitis