05/07/2022 - 09/07/2022


Hosted by:   AUT

U-12 European Baseball Championship 2022 - Official Payoff

U-12 Baseball European Championship day 1: Three games were determined by mercy rule

U-12 Baseball European Championship day 1: Three games were determined by mercy rule
First day of the tournament is over. Four games have been played at the Ballpark Spenadlwiese in Vienna, Austria. Despite weather forecast promising rainy day, it was a perfect weather for baseball.

Tournament started with the game Netherlands vs Hungary. Netherlands, who finished on unpopular 4th place in the last championship, is undoubtedly one of the favourite teams thinking about medal positions. They proved it right from the beginning, when they scored four runs in both first and second innings and seven in the third. Hungary did not find a way to hit the Dutch pitchers and lost the game highly 0:15 after 4 innings with no hit.

European Champions from the 2021 edition, Italy, opened the tournament with the game against Lithuania. Visitors managed to score twice in the first inning but unfortunately for them, that was all. Italian hitters had 12 hits in total and together with 6 errors on Lithuanian side it meant final score 12:2 after 5 innings.

The only game that has been played for the whole 6 innings was Germany against France. Game full of nice baseball plays and hits on both sides (Germany 14 H, France 6 H) must have pleased all baseball fans who came to watch it. It is worth mentioning that the cheering of the fans must have been heard at least in the nearby Prater. Germany won 12:5 but it was a very nice baseball game showed by both teams.

After the opening ceremony that was held for both tournaments – U-12 European Championship and U-12 European Championship Qualifier – home team of Austria faced Czechia. The game had a slow and even start but Czechia pushed through from the third inning until the score stopped 15:0 after 4 innings.  

There are four games to be played again tomorrow. Schedule, streams and results can be seen on WBSC Europe website.