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U-12 European Baseball Championship 2022 - Official Payoff
Day 3 of the U-12 Baseball European Championship: preview
07/07/2022 1 Minute Read

Day 3 of the U-12 Baseball European Championship: preview

Day 3 of the 2022 U-12 Baseball European Championship takes place on Thursday, 7 June, at Spenadlwiese Ballpark in Vienna, Austria.

Last day of round robin will not bring any surprises as we already know all semi-finalists. In both groups two top teams finished with the score 2 W and 0 L – Italy and Netherlands from group A and Czechia and Germany from group B. Hungary, Lithuania (group A), Austria and Germany (group B) are all waiting for their first win at the tournament with 0 W and 2 L each.

Tournament starts today with the game Hungary and Lithuania at 10:00. Hungary is the only team with no runs so far so we will see if they are more successful today.

Czechia and Germany are teams with two victories and they will fight about the first place in the group. We can expect tight game and full stands as both teams have tens of noisy fans on site. Game starts at 14:00.

Another game for the best standings after the first round will be played at 15:00. Italy will meet Netherlands. For both teams it can be the testing game before play off games.

Evening game of France and Austria will determine about the 3rd and 4th place in the group. France was close to win in yesterday’s game against Czechia and played more tight games overall. Austria lost two games by a mercy rule. Will the home crowds of fans push the team to the win at the tournament? We will know that at 18:00.

U-12 European Championship Qualifier continues with the game of Great Britain and Ukraine at 11:00 and Croatia and Finland at 17:00. Same teams will play against each other on Friday and Saturday as their standings are already known. Final game will be played between Great Britain and Ukraine on Saturday and the winner will advance to the main tournament.

Live-streamed games can be watched on the WBSC Europe YouTube Channel.

Play-by-play, results and standings can be followed on WBSC Europe website.

Latest news and photos from the championship can be found on WBSC Europe social media.