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U-12 European Baseball Championship 2022 - Official Payoff
Day 2 of the U-12 Baseball European Championship: preview
06/07/2022 1 Minute Read

Day 2 of the U-12 Baseball European Championship: preview

Day 2 of the 2022 U-12 Baseball European Championship takes place on Wednesday, 6 June, at Spenadlwiese Ballpark in Vienna, Austria.

There are again four games to be played. What can we expect after the clear results of day 1?

Hungary will play the morning game again. After their yesterday’s strong opponent from the Netherlands, they will face another challenge – last European champions from Italy. Game starts at 10:00.

Afternoon game between France and Czechia starts at 14:00. France lost with Germany in a nice game, while Czechia won highly over Austria. France will want to get the sport in semifinals so we can expect nice baseball.

At 18:00 two games will be played. Austria will for sure aim to win against Germany in front of the home crowds after the yesterday’s debacle. Lithuania will face the Netherlands.

Parallelly with the main tournament four teams have been playing U-12 European Championship Qualifier. Finland will meet Ukraine at 11:00  and Croatia will play against the Great Britain at 15:00.

Live-streamed games can be watched on the WBSC Europe YouTube Channel.

Play-by-play, results and standings can be followed on WBSC Europe website.

Latest news and photos from the championship can be found on WBSC Europe social media.

Cover photo by Robert Vavra.