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U-18 Women’s Softball European Championship 2023 - Official Payoff
Elite softball squads meeting at the Prague Softball Week in Czechia
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Elite softball squads meeting at the Prague Softball Week in Czechia

Five senior and four junior elite national squads participated in the Prague Softball Week 2023. Over thirty-five games were played from June 28 to July 6, 2023.

The Prague Softball Week has been welcoming over the years some of the best teams from the whole world. In 2023 as well, the Czech softball community witnessed a successful comeback for the Prague Softball Week tournament.

The senior national squads of Australia, Chinese Taipei, Germany, Netherlands, and home team Czechia participated in the Prague Softball Week 2023.

The U-18 national squads of Czechia, Germany, Netherlands and Ukraine, alongside the U-22 Czech national team, played in the Prague Softball Week junior division in preparation to the U-18 Women's Softball European Championship, scheduled at the end of July.

The Czech Women's National Team Vojtěch Albrecht commented: “It was great to have some of the top teams in the world here in the Czech Republic and to get the chance to play with them. Not only it was a great experience for our players but also for the fans that came out to watch the games. It does not happen every day that teams like that come to the Czech Republic. I am also glad that we could see advance in the way the Czech National Team played throughout the whole tournament.”

The home team from Czechia had the chance to compare their strengths with teams from Australia, Chinese Taipei, the Netherlands, and Germany. A great success was a win of the Czech National Team over the Australian National Team who placed fifth at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The Australian, Chinese Taipei and Dutch national squads played in preparation for the World Cups taking place in Europe over three weeks in July.

Coach Laing Harrow from Team Australia commented: “We faced some great competition here in Czech which certainly helped our team to prepare for the first stage of the World Cup.”

Team Australia finished the tournament with 7 wins and 2 losses and is now headed to Dublin, Ireland, to play in the first stage of the World Cup.

Wins and losses after Prague Softball Week 2023:
Senior division 
Australia 7 wins - 2 losses 
Chinese Taipei 6 wins - 3 losses 
Netherlands 4 wins - 2 losses 
Czechia 2 wins - 9 losses 
Germany 0 wins - 4 losses 
Junior division 
U-18 Czechia 7 wins - 0 losses 
U-18 Netherlands 2 wins - 3 losses 
U-22 Czechia 1 loss - 2 wins 
U-18 Germany 4 losses - 1 win 
U-18 Ukraine 5 losses - 1 win

Game results and broadcasts can be found on the Czech Softball Association's channels.

Cover photo by Grega Valancic