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U-18 European Baseball Championship 2022 - Official Payoff
Day 3 of the U-18 European Baseball Championship: Preview
15/08/2022 1 Minute Read

Day 3 of the U-18 European Baseball Championship: Preview

After Saturday’s postponement was made up yesterday we’re back on the regular schedule at the U-18 European Baseball Championship in Hluboka and Ostrava, Czech Republic on Monday. On day three of the preliminary round six games are on the tap.

In Group A of the U-18 Baseball European Championship in the morning game at 11am France is looking to rebound from its loss to the Netherlands in a matchup against Lithuania, which is hoping for its first win in the tournament. At 3pm the Netherlands are favorites against Austria, which lost a heartbreaker to Great Britain on Sunday evening. The British squad meanwhile will face undefeated Spain in the evening game in Hluboka at 7pm.

In Group B in Ostrava the day once again starts with a German game. The 2-0 club is taking on Belgium, which is waiting for its first victory in the event. In the afternoon at 3pm two 1-1 teams meet with Italy and Israel. Host Czechia is then concluding day three at 7pm with a matchup against Ireland.

All games will be live streamed and can be watched on the WBSC Europe YouTube Channel.
Play-by-play, results and standings can be followed on WBSC Europe website.

Latest news and photos from the championship can be found on WBSC Europe social media.

Photo by Lenka Brožová