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U-18 European Baseball Championship 2022 - Official Payoff
Day 5 of the U-18 European Baseball Championship: Preview
17/08/2022 1 Minute Read

Day 5 of the U-18 European Baseball Championship: Preview

After an off day on Wednesday the twelve participants at the U-18 European Baseball Championship have said farewell to Hluboka and Ostrava to move to Brno and Blansko for the last day of the preliminary round on Thursday as well as the final round on Friday and Saturday. In Group A and B Spain and Czechia sit atop the standings with perfect 4-0 records, but the Netherlands and France, as well as Italy and Germany still are hoping for the semi-finals as well.

In Group A the day starts at MBS Stadium in Brno with a matchup between Great Britain and the Netherlands at 11am. The Dutch hope to rebound from their extra-inning loss to Spain on Tuesday evening. GB sits currently at 2-2 in the standings. In the afternoon Spain is taking on France at 3pm also at MBS Stadium. France can get into a three-way tie with Spain and the Netherlands with a win over the undefeated Spain hoping to reach the semi-finals. At 5pm in Blansko Lithuania and Austria are squaring off in a meeting between winless teams.

In Group B Israel and Ireland will start the day at 12pm at Hroch Stadium in Brno. Israel is 1-3 in the tournament, while Ireland is 0-4. At 4pm Italy is trying to beat Belgium also at Hroch to keep their chances for the semi-finals alive. In the evening at 7pm at MBS Stadium host Czechia, which is still undefeated in four games, will be the away team against Germany to conclude the preliminary phase. Germany, which lost a heartbreaker to Italy on Tuesday, is looking to rebound for a win to get into a potential three-way tie with the Czech Republic and Italy in the race for the semi-finals.

All games will be live streamed and can be watched on the WBSC Europe YouTube Channel.
Play-by-play, results and standings can be followed on WBSC Europe website.

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