WBSC Europe Partners

WBSC Europe is proud to be working with its partners.

Get to know some of WBSC Europe's partners.

Synergy Sports

Synergy offers coaching and scouting video and data analytics services for the basketball, baseball, softball, and hockey globally.

The cloud-based application will be an additional tool for scouting and player development for the European baseball and softball teams.

Blast Motion

Blast Motion is the industry leader in sensor-based swing analysis. The Blast Motion hitting improvement platform combines powerful swing analytics with a mobile app and cloud-based software services and insights to provide organizations, coaches, and players with real-time player development feedback, personalized hitting assessments, and much more.

Blast technology helps WBSC Europe coaches evaluate and improve a player’s swing through automatic swing quality assessment reports, video analysis and comparisons, 3D swing tracer visualisations, and leaderboards tailored to their teams and areas of focus.

Maybacks Global Entertainment (USA)

The World Baseball Softball Confederation Europe (WBSC Europe) signed an extensive TV distribution agreement for its events with Maybacks Global Entertainment (USA).

Maybacks distribution network has potential to reach over 340 million people with an extensive library of programming.

This agreement is an important part of WBSC Europe plans to expand exposure to and participation in the sports across Europe.

If you are interested in becoming a partner with WBSC Europe, please send us an email.

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