WBSC Europe Events Logos

WBSC Europe has established permanent logos for the following competitions:

  • U-12 Baseball European Championship
  • Women's Softball European Championship
  • U-22 Women's Softball European Championship
  • U-18 Women's Softball European Championship
  • U-15 Women's Softball European Championship
  • Men's Softball European Championship
  • U-16 & U-18 Men's Softball European Championship
  • Baseball5 European Championship
  • Youth Baseball5 European Championship

For all other events, the event logo needs to be proposed by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and approved by the WBSC Europe marketing team. The main rules for event logos are as follows:

  • The WBSC Europe logo "version 1, Arch" must be included in the WBSC Europe events logos directly under the icon.
  • The wording for events’ logos must be in English.
  • The only wording allowed for events’ logos is the official name of the competition (as listed on the WBSC Europe website).
  • The font of the logo must be "Montserrat". For Baseball events, "Montserrat ExtraBold" & Text in Caps.
  • The pictogram must be baseball/softball/baseball5 related.
  • More versions of the logo can be created (horizontal, vertical, with and without dates and venue, color dark background, color light background, black, white). All versions must be approved by WBSC Europe.
  • No national or international flags on the logo but it is okay to use the national color of the host.

WBSC Europe will have full access and usage of the logos.