WBSC Europe Softball Technical Biennial Workshop confirmed for 2024

WBSC Europe Softball Technical Biennial Workshop confirmed for 2024
The World Baseball Softball Confederation Europe has confirmed the staging of the Softball Technical Biennial Workshop in Mellieha, Malta, from February 23 to 25, 2024.

The Softball Technical Biennial Workshop serves as a pivotal platform for key figures within WBSC Europe's Softball Technical community, bringing together Technical Commissioners, Umpires-in-Chief, Scoring Directors and Media Officer.

This gathering is designed to facilitate collaborative discussions on a wide array of topics, all geared towards enhancing the overall quality of the WBSC Europe Softball competitions.

Scheduled to commence on the evening of Friday, February 23, the workshop will extend through to lunchtime on Sunday, February 25. During this timeframe, the TC Group will delve into discussions aimed at knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaborative planning.

Mike Jennings, WBSC Europe Softball Technical and Competitions Director, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "This is an excellent opportunity for us all to plan for the future based on all the things we’ve learned at all our events during the last two seasons, and to welcome new members to the Technical Commission. We’ll all be ready to meet the challenges that the 2024 season will provide."

The Softball Technical Biennial Workshop is organized by the Malta Baseball & Softball Association in collaboration with WBSC Europe, with the Technical Commissioner Mario de Bono serving as the key liaison for the event.