WBSC Europe Softball Commission releases updated regulations for 2024 season
29/02/2024 2 Minute Read

WBSC Europe Softball Commission releases updated regulations for 2024 season

The WBSC Europe Softball Commission announced the release of the regulations for the 2024 season. These updates include revisions to various documents.

The updated softball regulations cover a wide range of areas. The updated documents include:

All the changes can be found on the Softball Competitions Regulations Changes 2024.
The main changes to the regulations, for Technical Regulations, focusing on the organizers:

  • If there is no bid received by the Softball Window at Congress for any event in that year, the event will be canceled.
  • The largest events with a particularly demanding schedule may require the appointment of additional SE Official(s), after discussion with the Organisers.
  • Obligations of Organisers:
    • Potential Organisers considering or preparing for a Bid to host an event should contact WBSC Europe via www.office@wbsce.org. The Technical and Competitions Director will then be happy to supply any information needed as to the Regulations to consider in the preparation of your facilities and budget.
    • Organizers must inform WBSC Europe in advance of details of any intended ticketing arrangements and report the financial outcome of the event within 30 days.
    • Organizers of Championships must provide Accreditation badges, as produced via the mywbsc.org platform and layout, for all participants involved.
    • First Aid posts and First Aiders themselves should be clearly identifiable.

As for Competition Regulations, focusing on the participating teams:

  • In order to reduce the time of games, Umpires will monitor the 60-second period between innings and restrict infielders’ informal gatherings that delay play.
  • Players and Players’ Qualification: Any player(s) whose Passport / ID is not presented at the TC Meeting because of their later arrival must arrive at the venue by the second day of play.
  • FTR:
    • Teams must convert their PTR into FTR three days before the event. It is no longer required to present a copy of the FTR at the TC Meeting.
    • Photos of players must be uploaded via mywbsc.org before the start of the Competition as they cannot be added after the TC Meeting.
    • Failure to meet FTR regulations may result in sanctions during the TC Meeting procedures and/or later referral to the Softball Commission.

The complete set of regulations can be found on the WBSC Europe website.

Cover photo by Grega Valancic