01/11/2022 1 Minute Read

WBSC Europe signs an extensive TV distribution agreement for its games with Maybacks Global Entertainment (USA)

The World Baseball Softball Confederation Europe (WBSC Europe) signed an extensive TV distribution agreement for its events with Maybacks Global Entertainment (USA).

This agreement covers all WBSC Europe official games including Baseball and Softball championships and European Cup tournaments. In addition to WBSC Europe tournaments, European National Federations have an option to license their own national Baseball and Softball league games to be distributed under the same agreement via WBSC Europe.

Maybacks distribution network has potential to reach over 340 million people with an extensive library of programming. Their distribution of networks includes channels like Comfy TV, iSports TV, iHolyfield TV, Winnies World TV, Movie Giants, iShe TV, iCowboy TV and iScifi TV, broadcasting on 32+ TV station channels in the US as well as delivering programming globally via Smart TV’s.

Maybacks can always be found, free, on www.airy.tv. The company is expanding its reach on Smart TVs and connected TV devices on a daily basis.

“This is a great addition to the new era of Hybrid-Local broadcast TV.  Free, quality TV is back and booming, so no more spending hundreds of dollars per month seeking news, sports, and entertainment.”  Says David Zucker, Chief of Distribution for Maybacks Global Entertainment.

Maybacks and Showfer Media connect millions of TV viewers to free over-the-air TV programming that meets their demands. WBSC Europe games and tournaments are an important part of Mayback’s answer to viewers’ demands and needs.

Kruno Karin, president of WBSC Europe stated: “This agreement is an important part of our plans to expand exposure to and participation in our sports across Europe and to raise our level of play”.

Maybacks Global Entertainment LLC. and David Zucker Productions, founded by veterans with decades of industry experience, are specialists in broadcasting. The company is leveraging new technology change, with superb content curation, to deliver a unique, inspiring entertainment experience for all.

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