​The Stenløse Bulls conquered the 2021 Danish Title
19/09/2021 1 Minute Read

​The Stenløse Bulls conquered the 2021 Danish Title

The Stenløse Bulls are the 2021 Danish Men’s National Champions.

The Bulls from Stenløse faced the Hurricanes (2021 European Super Cup Champions) from Hørsholm in the 2021 Men’s Softball Danish Championship Series. These two top clubs in Denmark have been facing each other in the previous twelve finals.

The Bulls took the lead in the best-of-five series in the past weekend winning two games. Kim Hansen's team closed the finals on game 3 when the Bulls topped the Hurricanes 2-1 to conquer the 2021 Danish Title.

This is the 8th Danish Championship for the Stenløse Bulls, the second in a row.

Cover Photo by Grega Valancic