The premier European baseball and softball transmitted worldwide by Airy TV

The premier European baseball and softball transmitted worldwide by Airy TV
Thanks to the extensive TV distribution agreement for the WBSC Europe events signed with Maybacks Global Entertainment (USA), the premier European baseball and softball are now transmitted worldwide.

As the new season approaches, fans of baseball and softball across Europe are gearing up for some thrilling action. And with WBSC Europe's recent TV distribution agreement with Maybacks Global Entertainment (USA), viewers across the continent and beyond can look forward to catching all the action on their screens.

The WBSC Europe tournaments are broadcasted on two channels: WBSCE Baseball TV and WBSCE Softball TV. Both channels can be accessed through the Airy app, a free streaming service for sports fans.

Get ready for some intense action as the best teams from across Europe compete at the Baseball and Softball European Championships and Cups. Tune in to WBSC European TV and WBSC Softball TV via Airy app and catch the action.

Maybacks Global Entertainment is a leading national communications network, handling full-service television operations from production to broadcasting, master controls, advertising, and distribution. Their focus on innovation in media, following economic trends, and partnering with technological innovators in the broadcast and streaming industry has helped them reach millions of homes across the world.

With this partnership, WBSC Europe aims to generate funds to be used for development in Europe. By operating with everything in-house, Maybacks Global's experienced and hands-on professionals are set to deliver not only their owned and operated channels but also the channels they service.

Boris Sekulskii
Cover photo by EzR-Nadoc