Schedule announced for the 2022 Softball European Masters Cups

Schedule announced for the 2022 Softball European Masters Cups
The Softball European Masters Cups schedules are now online. Six teams will compete in the women's softball category and seven squads in the men's softball 40+ European cup.

WBSC Europe unveiled the schedules for the 2022 Women's Softball European Masters Cup and the 2022 Men's Softball European Masters Cup. The event will take place in the Barcelona area, in the cities of Sant Boi and Viladecans, Spain, on two fields.

The Masters Cups are set to start at 9:00 on October 26, 2022, when two men's teams will take the field in Sant Boi: the Belgian Royal Greys Grizzlies will take on United Prague from Czechia. In Viladecans, the first game will start at 13:00 with the Cechie Carrots opposed to the Dutch Old Stars. 

From Wednesday to Friday, six games will be played in Sant Boi and four in Viladecans. The last six games of the round-robin are scheduled to be played in the first part of the day on Saturday. The finals will follow at 17:00 for the women's category and at 19:00 for the men's category. Both finals will take place on Sant Boi field.

In 2021, the Magos de Tenerife (ESP) won the Men's Softball European Masters Cup. 
In the same edition, LeZie (ITA) conquered the gold medal for the second time at the Women's Softball European Masters Cup.

Cover photo by Eloi Puigferrer