Global softball synergy: insights from WBSC Europe at the 2023 NFCA Convention

Global softball synergy: insights from WBSC Europe at the 2023 NFCA Convention
The NFCA Convention was held at the Galt House Hotel & Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, KY. The Chair of the WBSC Europe Development Commission Petra Čizmić Pokrajac participated in the 2023 NFCA Convention.

Petra Čizmić Pokrajac, representing WBSC Europe, engaged in insightful discussions during the International Gathering, alongside influential figures such as Craig Cress, the Executive Director of USA Softball.

The focus of these discussions centered around several development projects aimed at strengthening the global softball community.

One noteworthy initiative on the table was the proposed coaches exchange program between Europe and the USA. This innovative project envisions coaches participating in reciprocal exchanges, with European coaches immersing themselves in the coaching environments of American clubs, colleges, travel ball teams, or high schools. In turn, American coaches would reciprocate the experience by coaching in European settings.

The gathering also explored the possibility of providing avenues for coaches to venture to Europe to contribute their expertise to clubs or national teams.

Additionally, discussions centered around the potential creation of a European travel ball team, bringing together talented players from various countries.

Recognizing the importance of resource sharing, the panel apporved the project of sending equipment to Europe when it is no longer needed in other regions. This surplus equipment would then be distributed across the continent, ensuring that some softball programs across Europe have access to the resources for their development.

The 2023 NFCA Convention provided a platform for international collaborations, marking a significant step forward for the Development Commission's activies.