FFBS is launching the French Super League Softball

FFBS is launching the French Super League Softball
The French Baseball Softball Federation is launching the French Super League Softball, a new event that aims to promote the sport while providing a competitive platform for current and potential national team athletes.

The French Super League Softball is set to make its debut in 2023, featuring thirty-four of the best women's softball athletes in France. This event is based on the Athletes Unlimited concept, centered on the player’s performance, not the teams'.

Rankings will be made according to individuals' performances based on a set evaluation list. The winner of the Super League Softball will be the athlete with the biggest number of points after the 18 games scheduled.

The first three teams' captains are the three best pitchers of the 2022 French Women's Softball Division 1, and players have been drafted into three teams. A new draft will be organized after each weekend, the new three captains being the top three ranked players in the standings.

Super League Softball will be played over three weekends. Six games are scheduled for March 25/26, April 22/23, and July 1/2.

The games will be held in Evry-Courcouronnes, which is the same venue that hosted the 2022 European Women's Softball Cup Winners Cup B.

The event has received support from the Ile-de-France Region and Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd., one of the companies that run the JD.LEAGUE Ogaki Minamo Softball Club.

Fans can watch the games live on the Super League Softball Facebook page, and the results and standings will be available on the FFBS website.