FAQ about ESCA Camp!

FAQ about ESCA Camp!

Do I need to book a place to stay, during the camp?

No, in the Camp fee is included: accommodation, food, practices. You just need to pay for the trip to this Location.

Why is the camp being held in October?

This was one of the most difficult challenges we faced in setting up our camps. Ideally the summer months would be most suited for such an event, but everyone is locked into their nation's competition and league games during this period. We considered December as most everyone is free from school or work, but December is also a very expensive month and the majority of the Sporthalls are closed as well. We gave some thought to February (winter vacations) and April (spring break) but these too presented a list of negatives. Hopefully in the future, every softball minded player and coach will mark October on the calendar for ESCA camps.

Who are some of the guest instructors, and why have they been chosen?

We were looking for experienced instructors with great teaching skills. We believe we have an All Star Cast with Craig Montvidas and Kyla Holas both from the U.S.A., former ESCA Shadow Coaches Martina Lackner-Keil (Austria) and Jeroen Sweers (Belgium), two Oylmpic athlete's Elisa Cecchetti and Marta Gasparotto (both from Italy), plus two mainstays of the ESCA instructional staff Marjolein Merkx and Berend Mannessen from The Netherlands. These are people who have been involved with teaching, coaching, and instructing for many many years. You can always google their names to learn more about them individually!

Why will this camp be different than other Softball camps?

The biggest reason being that this camp is for both players and coaches. The coaches will be involved in many of the training and workshop sessions. We have more than 15 European federations represented at our camps. The international atmosphere will add a touch of intrigue.

Why is the camp taking place in the Netherlands?

Because of the logistics involved. The staff, help staff, and a number of others behind the scenes live in the Netherlands, for this reason alone it just made sense to have the initial camp in Holland.

Can players request a roommate?

Yes they can, we will do our best to accommodate everyone's wishes.

Will there be any non-Softball activities during the camp?

To be honest, not very many. With the limited camp time of five days and four nights, we are attempting to provide and share as much softball knowledge as we can. We will have some social activities, but those coming to the camp are going to be working hard during their stay.

If my parents wish to attend the camp to watch, is this possible?

Yes this too is not a problem. Many of our players are still quite young. Sending one's daughter to a far away land brings with it some anguish for the mom's and dad's. In fact, the more the parents can be involved, the better.

What if I become injured during the camp?

Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game. We will do our best to make an injured player's stay at camp as pleasant as possible. We will deal with each situation as it arises. We as instructors will do our best to guarantee the safety of each athlete participating during the camp week.

What is the role of the Shadow Coaches?

The shadow coaches will be involved in the training of the players under the guidance of the instructors. Many of the shadow coaches have an abundance of softball experience, so everybody will have the opportunity to learn from others.

What is the primary goal of the camp?

Our camp theme is..."GETTING BETTER TOGETHER"...
We all love the sport of Fastpitch softball, sharing knowledge and ideas as well as learning more about one another's culture can only help bringing us closer together both on and off the field.

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