European team seeks players for the Baseball Roy Hobbs World Series in the "legends" category
22/05/2023 1 Minute Read

European team seeks players for the Baseball Roy Hobbs World Series in the "legends" category

A European team is calling all baseball enthusiasts born in or before 1970 to participate in the Roy Hobbs World Series (RHWS) in the "Legends" category. RHWS, the largest veterans baseball event in the world, is celebrating over 30 years of history.

A European team will participate in RHWS in the "Legends" category, designed for players aged 53 and above. Players born in or before 1970 are welcome to join the team from October 28 to November 4, 2023. The team is expected to play from a minimum of 6 games to a maximum of 9 games.

Players are encouraged to arrive at least two days before the competition begins. This allows for time to overcome jet lag, participate in common practices, batting practice, and bond with teammates.

On October 27, 2023, all players must personally register at the Players Development Complex in Fort Meyers, Florida, to complete their entry process.

This tournament attracts teams from across the globe to Fort Meyers, Florida, at iconic venues such as the Jet Blue Park (Boston Red Sox), Centurylink Complex (Minnesota Twins), Lee County Players Development Complex, and Terry Park.

The Roy Hobbs World Series is a veterans' baseball tournament that spans several consecutive weeks. Divided into different age categories, it ranges from the Veterans division (35+) to the "Forever Young" division (75+).

To cover the tournament entry fee, professional tackle twill jerseys with sewn-on team logos, player names, and numbers, and a team hat, each player is required to contribute €426 as the team fee. Additional team gear will be available for purchase at a discounted price.

Players are responsible for their own accommodation, food, and transportation expenses. Suggestions for various accommodation options such as hotels, motels, Airbnb houses/apartments, and more will be provided once the team is finalized.

Rental vans/cars are recommended for transportation, and group arrangements can be made for added convenience.

There is a wide range of dining options available, including restaurants, buffets, snack bars, and the option to prepare meals at rented houses.

Participating in the Roy Hobbs World Series provides an opportunity to connect with players from North America and the Caribbean who share a deep love and passion for the game.

For further information and to join the European team for the Roy Hobbs World Series, please contact Youri Alkalay at +359 87 640 0200 or via email at