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Women’s Softball European Premier Cup 2023 - Official Payoff
Women's Softball European Premier Cup: day four recap
24/08/2023 2 Minute Read

Women's Softball European Premier Cup: day four recap

Day 4 of the Women's Softball European Premier Cup unfolded across the Saronno and Legnano venues in Italy, marking the commencement of the second round robin phase, determining the teams that will gain access to the finals, scheduled to take place on Saturday at the Saronno ballpark.

After four games of games at the Women's Softball European Premier Cup, Olympia Haarlem (NED) continues to stand as the sole undefeated team in the competition.

The day's proceedings commenced with a riveting match between Bonn Capitals (GER) and Rivas Madrid (ESP), extending for a duration of three hours encompassing 8 innings. The Spanish team managed to secure a pivotal victory by scoring in the first extra inning, ultimately prevailing with a score of 7-6. This win assumed particular significance, as it brought an end to the previously unbroken winning streak of the German team.

Simultaneously in Legnano, the two Dutch teams, Olympia Haarlem (NED) and Tex Town Tigers (NED), took to the field. Olympia Haarlem defeated Tex Town Tigers with a resounding score of 14-0 in just 4 innings. A standout performance in the first inning saw Olympia Haarlem amass 9 runs, followed by 2 runs in the second inning and 3 in the third. Haarlem's pitcher, LADNER, showcased her skills by throwing a one-hit game.

In Saronno, Vienna Wanderers (AUT) emerged victorious over Chicaboo's Stabroek (BEL) with a score of 11-4. Meanwhile, in Legnano, Wittenbach Panthers (SUI) secured a convincing win of 7-0 against Les Pharaons (FRA).

The home team, Saronno (ITA), played a crucial match against Rivas Madrid (ESP), triumphing with a score of 8-3. The victory was fueled by an impressive 12 hits, including a three-run homerun by BETTINSOLI, on their home turf.

In Legnano, Tex Town Tigers (NED) faced their second loss of the day against Joudrs Praha (CZE), despite recording 5 hits compared to the Czech team's 4.

The night fixture held in Saronno featured Olympia Haarlem (NED) overpowering Bonn Capitals (GER) with a commanding 11-0 win. Highlights of the game included three homeruns by THOMAS (the game's opening run in the second inning), VONK, and BEERS. The third inning proved decisive as the Dutch team notched 10 runs. A notable accomplishment came from Dutch pitcher Lisa HOP, who achieved a no-hitter feat and collected 7 strikeouts.

Olympia Haarlem (NED) presently claims the top spot in the standings and holds a guaranteed slot in the Gold Medal Game, with one game remaining in the current tournament phase.

Tomorrow's games will decide the second contender for the Gold Medal Game, with Saronno (ITA), Bonn Capitals (GER), Rivas Madrid (ESP), and Joudrs Praha (CZE) vying for the opportunity.

Saronno (ITA) faces two critical matches against Joudrs Praha (CZE) and the tournament leaders, Olympia Haarlem (NED). Bonn Capitals (GER) and Rivas Madrid (ESP) must secure victories against Joudrs Praha (CZE) and Tex Town Tigers (NED) respectively, while Joudrs Praha (CZE) needs wins in both encounters to remain in contention.

Tex Town Tigers (NED) currently stands at 2-0 in the second round robin phase, balancing their two losses from the initial round robin against Bonn and Saronno.

In the lower group contending for the seventh to tenth spots, Vienna Wanderers (AUT) and Wittenbach Panthers (SUI) hold the lead and will compete on Friday for the seventh position. Chicaboo's Stabroek (BEL) and Les Pharaons (FRA) will face off to avoid relegation in tomorrow's matches.

The WBSC Europe event's website offers play-by-play. All games will be streamed by the Local Organsing Committe in the WBSC Europe YouTube Channel.

Cover photo by Valerio Origo Valori_Ph