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Euro Baseball Winter League 2023 - Official Payoff
Play Ball for the Euro Baseball Winter League 2023: rosters revealed
20/11/2023 2 Minute Read

Play Ball for the Euro Baseball Winter League 2023: rosters revealed

The Euro Baseball Winter League 2023 has unveiled its rosters, featuring talented European players, including local standouts, distributed among the three competing teams: Blue Lions, Golden Stars, and Red Bulls.

The Euro Baseball Winter League is set to take Tenerife, Spain, by storm from November 18th to 26th, 2023. This event, organized by WBSC Europe in collaboration with the Royal Spanish Baseball and Softball Federation and the Canary Islands Baseball and Softball Federation, promises to grow some of the best prospects from the European continent.

The rosters for the competing teams—Blue Lions, Golden Stars, and Red Bulls—have been officially unveiled.

Blue Lions

Under the guidance of Manager Adrian Escolano, the Blue Lions showcase this roster:

  1. BOSANAC Bartol (Croatia) - Position: P, C, IF
  2. Brüderli Nils (Switzerland) - Position: P
  3. Bundi Fabio Nico (Switzerland) - Position: P
  4. Burggraf Lleyton (Germany) - Position: P
  5. Cialli Francesco (Italy) - Position: SS
  6. Costales Pablo (Spain) - Position: P, 1B, OF
  7. Cruz Rafael (Spain) - Position: OF
  8. Culum Uros (Serbia) - Position: IF
  9. Fernandes Nicolas (Spain) - Position: OF
  10. Filipovic Jovan (Serbia) - Position: C
  11. Hanuška Jeroným (Czech Republic) - Position: P
  12. Hoyos Julio Cesar (Spain) - Position: C, 1B, 3B
  13. Kerochev Alek (Bulgaria) - Position: P, 2B, OF
  14. Krumov Valentin (Bulgaria) - Position: P, IF
  15. LOPEZ TRIVIÑO Juan Manuel (Spain) - Position: P
  16. Mairal Lacoma Jorge (Spain) - Position: P
  17. Rodríguez López Marc (Spain) - Position: C, 1B
  18. Romero Cristhian (Spain) - Position: P
  19. Salas Samuel (Spain) - Position: 2B, 3B, SS
  20. SOBOTKA Martin (Czech Republic) - Position: P, SS
  21. Todorov Kristiyan (Bulgaria) - Position: P, IF
  22. Tsolov Martin (Bulgaria) - Position: 1B, OF

Blue Lions Coaches:

  • DUFFEK Tomáš (Czech Republic) - Pitching Coach
  • Piva Angel (Spain) - Coach
  • Escolano Adrian (Spain) - Manager/Head Coach

Golden Stars

Managed by Peter Mario Caliendo, the Golden Stars feature this roster:

  1. Alcala Diego (Spain) - Position: P, 1B, OF
  2. Ascanio Carlos (Spain) - Position: 2B, OF
  3. Cabrera Hector (Spain) - Position: P, C, IF
  4. DITTRICH Felix (Austria) - Position: P, IF
  5. Escolano Escolano Héctor (Spain) - Position: OF
  6. Gonzalez Saul (Spain) - Position: P, 1B, OF
  7. Guzman Delson (Spain) - Position: P
  8. Kanat Philipp (Germany) - Position: P, IF
  9. KARIN Ron (Croatia) - Position: P, 2B, IF
  10. Lara Pedro (Spain) - Position: C, 1B, OF
  11. Lesjak Tosja (Slovenia) - Position: 2B, OF
  12. Madrigal Oric (Spain) - Position: P, 2B, SS
  13. Mendoza Ricardo (Spain) - Position: P, 1B, OF
  14. Morua Martin (Hungary) - Position: P, OF
  15. Mutafchiev Nikolay (Bulgaria) - Position: P, OF
  16. PASTOR Thibaud (Netherlands) - Position: 2B, 3B
  17. PETRACS Lars Timon (Austria) - Position: C, OF
  18. Petronel Ivan Razvan (Romania) - Position: P, IF
  19. Tagliaferri Gabriele (Italy) - Position: P
  20. Valentín Hernández Roberto Ulises (Spain) - Position: P, 2B, SS
  21. Zhelev Martin (Bulgaria) - Position: C

Golden Stars Coaches:

  • Cruz Leo (Spain) - Coach
  • Torrealba Julio (Spain) - Pitching Coach
  • Caliendo Peter Mario (USA) - Manager/Head Coach

Red Bulls

Under the leadership of Manager Miguel Javier Erroz Ciriza, the Red Bulls enter the Euro Baseball Winter League with this lineup:

  1. ANIĆ Sven (Croatia) - Position: P, OF
  2. Annunziata Andres (Italy) - Position: C
  3. Arza Gutiérrez David (Spain) - Position: P, 2B, SS
  4. Boermans Jens (Belgium) - Position: C
  5. Carballosa Cesar (Germany) - Position: C, 1B
  6. Carrasquero Matthew (Spain) - Position: 2B, OF
  7. Centeno Luis (Spain) - Position: 2B, 3B, SS
  8. CLAUSS Eric (Austria) - Position: C, OF
  9. CLAUSS Jacob (Austria) - Position: P, IF
  10. Fejt Jan (Czech Republic) - Position: P, 1B, 3B
  11. Finol Gerardo (Spain) - Position: P, 1B, OF
  12. Fioravanti Saverio (Italy) - Position: P
  13. Gomez Luis (Spain) - Position: P
  14. Karakashev Teodor (Bulgaria) - Position: OF
  15. Oostindie Christophe (Netherlands) - Position: P
  16. Plitz Timo (Germany) - Position: P, 1B, 3B
  17. POKORNÝ Michal (Czech Republic) - Position: OF
  18. Rodriguez Kevin (Spain) - Position: P, 2B, 3B
  19. Stoyanov Kaloian (Bulgaria) - Position: P, 2B
  20. Witczak Tymoteusz (Poland) - Position: P, 3B, OF
  21. Zambrano Anderson (Spain) - Position: 2B, SS, OF
  22. Zgórzyński Hubert (Poland) - Position: 3B, SS, OF

Red Bulls Coaches:

  • Gonzalez Maisel (Spain) - Coach
  • Tomé Arrufat Alex (Spain) - Pitching Coach
  • ERROZ CIRIZA Miguel Javier (Spain) - Manager/Head Coach

Seven games are scheduled in the week, including the final on Saturday, November 25, 2023.

Cover photo by Sascha Hermann