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Euro Baseball Winter League 2023 - Official Payoff
51 European prospects set to play at the Euro Baseball Winter League in Tenerife, Spain
17/11/2023 2 Minute Read

51 European prospects set to play at the Euro Baseball Winter League in Tenerife, Spain

The Euro Baseball Winter League is set to take Tenerife, Spain, by storm from November 18th to 26th, 2023. This event, organized by WBSC Europe in collaboration with the Royal Spanish Baseball and Softball Federation and the Canary Islands Baseball and Softball Federation, promises to grow some of the best prospects from the European continent.

A total of 51 prospects born between 2001 and 2007 from various European countries are gearing up for the Euro Baseball Winter League 2023.

Among the standout players participating in the Euro Baseball Winter League are:

  • Anderson D. Zambrano - Spain
  • Bartol Bosanac - Croatia
  • Carlos Henrique Tovar Brčič - Slovenia
  • Cesar G. Carballosa - Spain
  • David Arza - Spain
  • Delson Guzman - Spain
  • Diego Alcala - Spain
  • Eric Clauss - Austria
  • Ettore della Nave - Italy
  • Fabio Bundi - Switzerland
  • Felix Dittrich - Austria
  • Francesco Cialli - Italy
  • Gabriele Tagliaferri - Italy
  • Hubert Zgórzyński - Poland
  • Héctor Cabrera - Spain
  • Héctor Escolano - Spain
  • Ivan Răzvan Petronel - Romania
  • Jacob Clauss - Austria
  • Jan Fejt - Czech Republic
  • Jaroným Hanuška - Czech Republic
  • Jorge Mairal - Spain
  • Jovan Filipovic - Serbia
  • Juan M. López - Spain
  • Kaloian Stoyanov - Bulgaria
  • Kevin Rodríguez - Spain
  • Kristiyan Todorov - Bulgaria
  • Lars Timon Petracs - Austria
  • Lleyton Burggraf - Germany
  • Luis A. Gómez - Spain
  • Luis D. Centeno - Spain
  • Marc Rodríguez - Spain
  • Martin Gelev - Bulgaria
  • Martin Sobotka - Czech Republic
  • Michal Pokorný - Czech Republic
  • Nikolay Mutafchiev - Bulgaria
  • Nils Brüderli - Switzerland
  • Pablos Costales - Spain
  • Philipp Kanat - Germany
  • Ricardo A. Mendoza - Spain
  • Roberto U. Valentín - Spain
  • Ron Karin - Croatia
  • Samuel Salas - Spain
  • Saverio Fioravanti - Italy
  • Sven Anić - Croatia
  • Teodor Karakashev - Bulgaria
  • Thibaud Pastor - Netherlands
  • Timo Plitz - Germany
  • Tosja Lesjak - Slovenia
  • Tsolov Martin - Bulgaria
  • Tymoteusz Witczak - Poland
  • Uros Culum - Serbia
  • Valentin Krumov - Bulgaria

The coaching lineup for the Euro Baseball Winter League features an esteemed group of mentors. Peter Caliendo, Néstor Pérez, Eduardo Domínguez, Miguel Erroz, Tomáš Duffek, Alex Tomé, and Adrian Escolano guide the talents throughout the week.

The 51 prospects, hailing from nine European nations, are all set to be divided into three teams: the Blue Lions, the Golden Stars, and the Red Bulls.

The action-packed schedule kicks off on Sunday, November 19. The day marks the beginning of intensive team practices as the Blue Lions, Golden Stars, and Red Bulls take to the field.

Monday, November 20, heralds the commencement of the Euro Baseball Winter League games. In the morning, the Red Bulls face off against the Blue Lions. In the afternoon, the Blue Lions will once again take the field, this time against the Golden Stars. The action continues on Tuesday, November 21, as the Golden Stars go head-to-head with the Red Bulls.

Wednesday, November 22, sees the Blue Lions and the Red Bulls facing each other. On Thursday, November 23, the Golden Stars take on the Blue Lions, setting the stage for a showdown on Friday, November 24, as the Red Bulls clash with the Golden Stars.

The culmination of the Euro Baseball Winter League occurs on Saturday, November 25, at 11:00, with the final. The best two teams, along with three additional players from the third team for each finalist, will compete for the title.

The complete schedule of the event can be found here.

In 2022, the Red Bulls won the title, while in 2021, the Golden Stars took the gold medla home.