16/11/2022 - 19/11/2022


Hosted by:   BUL

U-17 Baseball5 European Championship 2022 - Official Payoff

The first-ever U-17 Baseball5 European Championship kicks off

The first-ever U-17 Baseball5 European Championship kicks off
A total of twenty-two games were played on the first day of the U-17 Baseball5 European Championship. France is leading pool A, and Lithuania is on top of pool B.

All fourteen teams had their debut at the U-17 Baseball5 European Championship in Sofia, Bulgaria. At the end of the first day, France and Lithuania are leading respectively pools A and B.

In Pool A, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, and Türkiye are following France (3-1) in the second position with a record of 2-1. Latvia and Moldova are closing the temporary standings at the sixth position, still looking for their first success.

In pool B, Romania (3-0) is right behind Lithuania (4-0). Germany, Greece, Italy, and the Kingdom of the Netherlands are in the third position with a record of 1-2. Israel (0-3) is trailing in the seventh position.

Find all the results and standings on the U-17 Baseball5 European Championship's website.
Day one's photos can be found on the WBSC Europe Flickr Profile.

Cover photo by Zoya Stoyanova