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Women’s Softball European Championship 2022 - Official Payoff
Day six of the Women's Softball European Championship: preview
29/07/2022 1 Minute Read

Day six of the Women's Softball European Championship: preview

The sixth day of the 2022 Women's Softball European Championship takes place on Friday, 29 July, in the Barcelona area, Spain.

Eleven games will be played on two fields in Catalunya, on day 6 day of the Women's Softball European Championship: five games in Sant Boi, and six games in Montjuic.

The spotlights are on Italy, Czech Republic and Spain, still on the run for the bronze medal game tickets and the only left spot for the first stage of the WBSC World Cup. 

In case of a tie between the three teams, the earned runs will define the teams advancing to the bronze medal game. 

In Montjuic, the six teams of pool Y will playe their last game of the tounrment to define the final stadings from the seventh to the twelth team of the Women's Softball European Championship. 

After defeating Germany in a thrilling game decided on the sixth inning, 3-2, Greece is leading the group with a 4-0 record. Greece will face France on July 29 at 18:00, while Germany and Poland are scheduled to play at 20:15 at the Olympic stadium in Montjuic. Previously, Ireland will take on Slovakia at 15:45.

The teams of pool G will play in Sant Boi and in Montjuic to define the final standing from the 13th to the 21st spot. 

Croatia is leading the group after defeating Austria, 3-0, on July 28. A 2-run homerun by Addison KOSTRENCHICH and a solid pitching by Marina VITALICH were the main elements of the game. 

All games will be live-streamed on the WBSC Europe YouTube Channel.
Follow the play-by-play, results, and standings on the WBSC Europe website.

Cover photo by Grega Valancic