Magyar Országos Baseball és Softball Szövetség

Address: Semsey Andor u. 9. fsz. 3.

Zip Code: 1143

City: Budapest

Country: HUN (work) (WBSC Official e-mail of the NF)

+36 302700102 (Office)

Founded 1992-01-01


In Hungary baseball appeared at the end of 1980 years: people of American, Japanese, Cuban Embassies played irregularly. October 1991 Győr Dark Horses and Nagykanizsa Ants played the first official Hungarian match. June 1992 five Clubs established MOBSz, Hungarian National Baseball Federation. In 1993 four other Clubs joined to the Federation which the CEBA affiliated at their Congress in Stockholm. In 1994 there were already sixteen Hungarian baseball teams and some softball teams, too. In 1995 there were already twenty-two teams.