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WBSC Europe releases the 2023 Progress Report

WBSC Europe releases the 2023 Progress Report
WBSC Europe unveiled its Progress Report for the 2023 season, an overview of the Confederation's activities. The report, which was presented during the WBSC Europe Congress 2024 in Malaga, Spain, is now available online for the entire baseball and softball community to access.

The Progress Report commences with an introduction to WBSC Europe, highlighting its Members, Executive Board, and Commissions. It then proceeds to outline a timeline of significant milestones achieved by the Confederation since its establishment in 2018.

A focal point of the report is the detailed overview of the 2023 competitions, presented in a calendar format for easy reference. Additionally, the report provides insights into the upcoming 2024 events, also summarized in a calendar format.

One of the highlights of the report is the recognition of European teams' achievements on the global stage. This includes the performance of European teams at the World Baseball Classic, the WBSC Women’s Softball World Cups held in Europe, and the exceptional performance of European Baseball5 teams in the world, as evidenced by their rankings in the WBSC Rankings.

The report also delves into the development funding and initiatives undertaken by WBSC Europe in 2023, showcasing the Confederation's commitment to the growth and development of baseball and softball in Europe.

In addition, the report provides a recap of the media coverage garnered by WBSC Europe throughout the year, underscoring the Confederation's efforts to promote the sports of baseball and softball across the continent. Furthermore, it highlights the event sanctioning process, emphasizing the importance of organizing official events by WBSC guidelines.

The WBSC Europe Progress Report for 2023 is available here.