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Baseball Advanced Umpiring Clinic 2024 - Official Payoff
WBSC Europe Baseball Umpiring Committee launches monthly virtual meetings
21/10/2023 1 Minute Read

WBSC Europe Baseball Umpiring Committee launches monthly virtual meetings

Following the conclusion of the European Baseball season, the WBSC Europe Baseball Umpiring Committee announced the initiation of monthly Virtual Meetings for all WBSC Europe baseball umpires.

These Virtual Meetings aim to facilitate a review of the recently concluded 2023 season and provide insights into the forthcoming winter off-season months, along with a glimpse into the developments anticipated in 2024.

Commencing on November 1, 2023, and scheduled for every first Wednesday of the month, the Virtual Meetings are designed to serve as a platform for umpires to reflect on their experiences from the 2023 season and gain valuable perspectives on the upcoming developments within the organization.

Zdeněk Židek, Baseball Umpire In Chief for Education for WBSC Europe, expressed his congratulations to all umpires for their collective success during the 2023 season. He extended special thanks to those who contributed to WBSC Europe events, acknowledging their dedication and impact.

Židek recognized the pivotal role played by Umpire Supervisors, emphasizing the positive influence of their unwavering commitment and the concerted efforts of all umpires.

Furthermore, in alignment with the commitment to umpire development, WBSC Europe has opened registration for the Advanced Umpiring Clinic. This clinic, scheduled for February 15th-18th, 2024, in France, will be led by Mr. Larry Young (MLB Umpire Supervisor), Mr. Dan Merzel (MLB Call-up), Mr. Macon Hammond (MiLB AA), and Mr. Z Zidek (MiLB AA).

This clinic presents a unique opportunity for umpires to enhance their skills under the guidance of professionals, contributing to their growth.

Cover photo by Grega Valancic