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Baseball European Cup 2024 - Official Payoff
Valencia, Spain, secures the Baseball European Cup 2024
18/12/2023 1 Minute Read

Valencia, Spain, secures the Baseball European Cup 2024

The Baseball European Cup 2024 is set to unfold in the city of Valencia, Spain. The tournament was awarded to the Astros Baseball Club by the WBSC Europe Executive Board.

Scheduled to take place on the first complete week of June, the Baseball European Cup 2024 will showcase eight top-tier European teams, including 2 teams from Spain, 2 teams from France, 2 teams from Austria, 1 team from Croatia, and 1 team from Belgium, competing on the field of the Astros Baseball Club facility.

One of the Spanish team to participate in the Baseball European Cup will be the host Astros-Valencia Baseball Club, as the Champion of the Cup Competition ("Copa del Rey") in 2023 in Spain.

Juan Garcia, President of the Club Beisbol Astros Valencia stated, "As president of our Club, we are deeply honored by having been chosen to host the Baseball European Cup 2024. We will do everything in our hands to make this tournament a complete success and worthy of the confidence the WBSC Europe has shown in us."

The Astros Baseball Club ballpark, nestled in the heart of Valencia, is poised to serve as the perfect venue for the Baseball European Cup 2024. The club has previously organised the Baseball European Cup in 2017.

Jesus Lisarri, President of the Real Federación Española de Béisbol y Sófbol, the Spanish Baseball and Softball Federation, added, "I want to express our gratitude for having granted CB Astros Valencia the venue for the Baseball European Cup. We are committed to ensuring that the event is carried out with the requested organizational standards. We have full confidence in CB Astros Valencia, the Valencian Federation, and local institutions to achieve a successful event."

It is essential to highlight that the Baseball European Cup, set to be played Valencia, Spain, is the former Baseball European Confederation Cup – the second most prestigious cup in Europe, following the Baseball European Champions Cup. The recent nomenclature change aligns with the revision of the Baseball European clubs competition.

The winning country of the Baseball European Cup 2024 will secure a coveted spot in the 2025 European Baseball Champions Cup, provided the participant team fulfills the license requirements. Conversely, the last two teams in the standings will face relegation to the Baseball European Federation Cups in 2025.

Cover photo by Tomislav Bosanac