23/08/2023 - 26/08/2023


Hosted by:   CRO

Women’s Softball European Cup 2023 - Official Payoff
Women's Softball European Cup: day three recap
25/08/2023 1 Minute Read

Women's Softball European Cup: day three recap

The Women's Softball European Cup in Zagreb, Croatia, reached its third day of competition. The day's matchups featured the four teams, setting the stage for the upcoming championship and bronze medal games.

The showdown between The Mix (GBR) and Warsaw Diamonds (POL) proved to be a nail-biter. Ultimately, The Mix (GBR) clinched a narrow victory, edging out Warsaw Diamonds (POL) with a final score of 1-0.

Following this game, Princ Zagreb (CRO) took on Angels Dupnitsa (BUL). With a final score of 0-1, Princ Zagreb (CRO) emerged victorious against Angels Dupnitsa (BUL), securing a crucial win.

As the day progressed, The Mix (GBR) returned to the field to face Angels Dupnitsa (BUL) in their second game of the day. The Mix (GBR) dominated the game, securing a 12-5 victory in six innings.

The final matchup of the day witnessed Warsaw Diamonds (POL) clashing with Princ Zagreb (CRO). Warsaw Diamonds (POL) triumphed over Princ Zagreb (CRO) with a final score of 5-1.

Despite the loss, Princ Zagreb (CRO) secured a spot in the championship game of the Women's Softball European Cup, where they are set to face The Mix (GBR), still undefeated.

The bronze medal match will see Warsaw Diamonds (POL) take on Angels Dupnitsa (BUL) at 15:00.

The tournament's grand finale is scheduled for Saturday, August 26, at 17:30, when The Mix (GBR) and home team Princ Zagreb (CRO) will vie for the gold medal.

Cover photo by Zsuzsa Balog