EBSCA Training Camp 2023 - Official Payoff
EBSCA Training Camp 2023 instructors: meet Judith Van Den Berg!
27/09/2023 1 Minute Read

EBSCA Training Camp 2023 instructors: meet Judith Van Den Berg!

The EBSCA Training Camp 2023 is taking place from October 18 to 22 October 2023, in Diessen, Netherlands. Among the coaches leading the camp is Judith Van Den Berg, from the Netherlands.

Hi, I’m Judith, nice to meet you here! 

Born in Canada, but started playing softball in The Netherlands at 14, where I joined the National Youth Team at 17. I still vividly remember the struggles to perform, fighting for a spot, and trying to stay confident in my own being as a pitcher. 

For the past 8 years, I have also developed a passion for coaching and learned alongside the best names in the game. Next to pitching mechanics, I especially focus on the mental part of it. 

I let my own struggles go as a player and experienced the magic of 2 European Cups and reached a highlight in my career by becoming National Champions in 2019 as a playing coach with Roef!. This resulted in a bronze medal, with a golden shine at the European Premier Cup in 2021.

I’m experienced as a Little League coach (3 times European & African Regional Championships), as a pitcher trainer assisting European teams (Italy A1, Germany Bundesliga), and as a clinic speaker all over Europe. I was the pitching coach for the Dutch Youth National Teams, U15, U18, and U22 from 2020-2022. With these teams winning 3 bronze medals at the European Championships (seems like a pattern 😎 ). At the World Championship U18 in Peru in 2021, we reached the highest ranking in the history of Dutch softball.

To end this streak of experience and accomplishments with the best role on my resumé: I’m proud to be an ESCA instructor! Still learning from the best and giving my best to all the talented players and coaches at the ESCA CAMP since 2017. Blessed and humbled to be a part of an incredible staff and an amazing softball experience that will last a lifetime.

I’m excited to meet you in person soon and share my energy and knowledge. But most of all, have a lot of fun!


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