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Petra Čizmić Pokrajac named WBSC Europe Chair of the Development Commission
04/06/2023 1 Minute Read

Petra Čizmić Pokrajac named WBSC Europe Chair of the Development Commission

Petra Čizmić Pokrajac has been appointed as the Chair of the Development Commission for WBSC Europe. Čizmić Pokrajac has a vast experience and dedication to the sport.

Prior to her new role, Petra Čizmić Pokrajac served as a member of the Development Commission. She is also a member of the WBSC Europe Softball Commission and among the coordinators of the European Softball Coaches Association (ESCA) and the Central Europe Women's Softball Euroleague.

Petra's expertise lies in creating significant projects for collaboration among federations across Europe, particularly through the Erasmus Plus initiative. Over the years, she has successfully generated over 200,000 euros in funding for these projects.

Čizmić Pokrajac expressed with enthusiasm, "I am thrilled to take this role, as it presents a remarkable opportunity to build upon the progress achieved this far and do so much more!"

WBSC Europe Board Member François Collet was appointed member of the Development Commission, as one of the European members of the WBSC Development Commission.

The WBSC Europe Development Commission is responsible for formulating a comprehensive Development Plan, which includes seeking funds in collaboration with the Secretary General, Head of Marketing, and Head of Corporate Activities.

The commission takes the lead in designing and implementing programs aimed at enhancing coaching, player, and administrator capabilities throughout Europe. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in establishing Europe-wide Euro Leagues.