26/06/2022 - 02/07/2022


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U-22 Women’s Softball European Championship 2022 - Official Payoff
29/06/2022 1 Minute Read

Day 4 of the U-22 Women's Softball European Championship: preview

Day 4 of the 2022 U-22 Women's Softball European Championship takes place on Wednesday, 29 June, at Kunovice and Brno Softball Fields, Czech Republic.

A total of thirteen games will be played on the three fields of the South Moravian Region, Czech Republic, to start the round-robin phase two of the U-22 Women's Softball European Championship.

The leaders of the pools of the first round robin are going to play a face to face: at 10:00, Italy will play Czech Republic on Kunovice 1, and, on the same field, Spain and Netherlands are battling at 19:00.

The Top 8 squads, divided into two pools, enter the second round-robin to determine the teams accessing the final round-robin. Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, and Italy in pool E and Spain, France, the Kingdom of Netherlands, and Ukraine in pool F. First three teams of each pool will access the Top 6 squads.

All games will be live-streamed on the WBSC Europe YouTube Channel.

Follow the play-by-play, results, and standings on the WBSC Europe website.

Cover photo by Grega Valancic