21/06/2021 - 26/06/2021


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Men’s Softball European Championship 2021 - Official Payoff
Men's Softball European Championship: day 1 is in the books
21/06/2021 1 Minute Read

Men's Softball European Championship: day 1 is in the books

The first day of the Men's Softball European Championship just come to an end.

After all the competitions got canceled in 2020, this is the first event to take place in 2021. Softball Europe President and Czech Softball Association President Gabriel Waage opened the games declaring: "it was Softball Europe's goal to be back on the international fields, and, today, we are back!"

On day one of the 2021 Men's European Championship, eight games were played in the fields of Ledenice and Sezimovo Ústí, Czech Republic. After day 1, Denmark and the Czech Republic are leading with two wins. The Netherlands is also in position one, after prevailing on Lithuania in the first game of the day. Croatia, France, and Israel are following with one W and L. Closing the standings are Lithuania, Slovakia, and Sweden.

Follow the play-by-play, results, and standings on WBSC Europe website.

Watch the games live-streamed by the main field on baseballsoftball.tv and the ones on Sezimovo Ústí on the Czech Softball Association YouTube Channel.