WBSC Europe and Blast Motion Partner to Advance Baseball and Softball Player Development Throughout Europe

WBSC Europe and Blast Motion Partner to Advance Baseball and Softball Player Development Throughout Europe
Blast Motion, the industry leader in sensor-based swing analysis, and the World Baseball Softball Confederation Europe (WBSC Europe), the European governing body of baseball, softball, and all national team and club competitions, recently signed a partnership agreement to advance player development throughout Europe. The Blast Motion hitting improvement platform combines powerful swing analytics with a mobile app and cloud-based software services and insights to provide organizations, coaches, and players with real-time player development feedback, personalized hitting assessments, and much more.

Today, Blast Baseball and Blast Softball are being used all over the world by pro teams, Olympic athletes, colleges, amateur players, and youth organisations. As part of this partnership, Blast Baseball and Blast Softball are now officially available for all WBSC Europe Federation members.

Over the next few weeks, Blast will be hosting a series of introductory webinars with virtual product demonstrations to showcase how easy it is for the European National Federations to implement the Blast solution in their program.

“Hitting is one of the key areas where Europe needs to improve in order to compete better against the top countries globally. This agreement & technology and services provided by Blast are part of our development plan and its building blocks. Blast will provide comprehensive training to European baseball and softball coaches during the next 3 years to help develop our hitting.” said WBSC Europe President Kruno Karin, “Blast Motion coupled with coaches’ guidance will be a big step forward for the European baseball and softball development”.

Blast technology will help WBSC Europe coaches evaluate and improve a player’s swing through automatic swing quality assessment reports, video analysis and comparisons, 3D swing tracer visualisations, and leaderboards tailored to their teams and areas of focus.
Blast also leverages over 250 Million swings to create powerful improvement insights, along with drills and training videos to help them train smarter and get better faster.

“Our mission aligns with WBSC Europe’s goals of promoting the increased development and expansion in baseball and softball training for its players, coaches, and organizations for all levels of the game”, said Blast Motion’s Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Mike Woods. “By partnering with the best organizations and governing bodies in the world, we’re allowing a new generation of players to use the same technology used by pro teams, providing them with the opportunity to pursue their dreams of playing in the big leagues, getting college scholarships, or simply making the team.”

Based in San Marcos, California, Blast Motion is an information company that provides motion analysis and performance insights. By intelligently combining the biomechanics of movement with sensor data, video capture technology, and cloud-based software services, Blast has redefined the way people coach, recruit, train, analyze, and improve their game.

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