Juergen Elsishans reelected as President of German Baseball and Softball Federation

Juergen Elsishans reelected as President of German Baseball and Softball Federation
On March 25, the German Baseball and Softball Federation (DBV) held its annual general assembly in Regensburg, which also included elections to the executive board. Juergen Elsishans, who is at the helm since 2019, was reelected unanimously as president. He is now serving 20 years on the board of the DBV. Before becoming president in 2019 he was vice president for the competitions.

Alexandra Stuckstaette, Nicole Broziewski, Markus Pollmeier and Hauke Brockman were reelected as vice presidents. Armin Zimmermann was elected as new treasurer succeeding Uwe Sacherer. The assembly also included elections to the commissions and right bodies. Sven Muencheberg was reelected as scorer’s chairman. While Tim Meyer got reelected as one of two umpire chairmen, Christian Posny didn’t gain the threshold and therefore was not reelected. An acting second umpire chairman will be determined during the next executive board meeting.

The executive board, commissions and right bodies were elected for a two-year term.

After the elections reelected DBV president Juergen Elsishans thanked Uwe Sacherer and Christian Posny for their dedication and work in their respective departments in the past years. Elsishans further thanked the assembly for its trust and was pleaded unity among the baseball and softball bodies in Germany to promote the sports.

In the assembly the DBV reflected on the past seasons and presented plans for the upcoming year in baseball and softball. Additionally, the executive board honored previous board member Gunnar Schaefer with the DBV badge of honor in silver. Newly appointed national team manager Jendrick Speer introduced himself to the delegates and presented his plans for the upcoming season.

Juergen Elsishans also serves on the board of WBSC Europe as member at large for baseball.