From round-robin to knockout: EuroBaseball 2023 journey

From round-robin to knockout: EuroBaseball 2023 journey
The EuroBaseball 2023 round-robin phase has concluded, showcasing twenty-four games over four venues in the Czech Republic. As the top 8 teams from the initial round-robin qualified for the quarterfinals, the tournament now transitions into a single-elimination bracket stage.

In the Eurobaseball quarterfinal starting September 28, Germany will face off against France, Great Britain will take on the home team from Czechia, the Netherlands will meet Israel, and Spain and Sweden will lock horns.

Teams ranked 9th to 16th (Greece, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Belgium) will now compete for the final standings from 9th to 16th place. The teams ranked 14th, 15th, and 16th in the final standings will face the threat of relegation.

Round-robin recap:
Day 1:
Pool A - Ostrava: Spain defeated Greece 14-1. Czechia secured a 9-0 win over Austria.
Pool B - Třebíč: Italy triumphed over Hungary, 15-2. Great Britain defeated Sweden 4-0.
Pool C - Brno: Croatia won against Ukraine, 11-1. The Netherlands topped France 9-0.
Pool D - Prague: Israel defeated Switzerland 14-1. Germany topped Belgium 15-4.

Day 2:
Pool A - Ostrava: Spain overpowered Austria 13-1. Czechia secured a 14-0 win against Greece.
Pool B - Třebíč: Great Britain dominated Hungary, 22-3. Sweden surprised Italy with an 8-3 win.
Pool C - Brno: The Netherlands defeated Ukraine 16-3. France narrowly edged past Croatia, 3-1.
Pool D - Prague: Switzerland lost 7-2 to Israel. Germany won against Belgium, securing a 2-0 win.

Day 3:
Pool A - Ostrava: Greece bounced back with an 11-6 win against Austria. Spain defeated the home team Czechia 9-0.
Pool B - Třebíč: Sweden won against Hungary, 17-7. Great Britain faced a close contest and defeated Italy 11-10.
Pool C - Brno: France secured a 10-0 victory over Ukraine. The Netherlands continued their run with a 15-2 win against Croatia.
Pool D - Prague: Israel defeated Belgium 11-8. Germany win over Switzerland 15-5.

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Cover photo by Grega Valancic