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WBSC Europe informal meeting in Amsterdam discusses the future of Baseball European Competitions
10/06/2023 1 Minute Read

WBSC Europe informal meeting in Amsterdam discusses the future of Baseball European Competitions

European Baseball leaders collaborate to shape the European baseball competitions and establish in the near future a Baseball European Champions League.

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Europe held an informal meeting in Amsterdam during the Baseball European Champions Cup 2023.

The meeting saw prominent baseball leaders gather to discuss the future of baseball competitions in Europe, with a particular focus on the format of the format of the Baseball European Championship and the potential establishment of a Baseball European Champions League.

Among the attendees were WBSC Europe President Kruno Karin, WBSC Europe Baseball Vice President Petr Ditrich, FIBS President Andrea Marcon, DBV President Juergen Elsishans, and the host country's leadership was represented by KNBSB President Bob Bergkamp and KNBSB Technical Director Peter Kwakernaat.

The meeting provided a platform for the participating European National Federations to voice their opinions and contribute to shaping the future of baseball across the continent.

WBSC Europe President Kruno Karin expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting, stating, "We had the opportunity to listen to some of the largest European National Federations' opinions. The insights shared during this gathering will serve as a foundation for our ongoing efforts to strengthen baseball in Europe."

WBSC Europe Baseball Vice President Petr Ditrich also expressed his satisfaction, stating: "It was a great meeting, very productive. Many ideas regarding the future of our competitions are on table to explore."

Central to the discussions was the European Champions Cup and the Baseball European Championship, the premier baseball tournaments on the continent. The leaders explored ways to enhance the tournament's formats to make them more inclusive, competitive, and attractive to players, sponsors, and fans.

The concept of a Baseball European Champions League was brought to the table. This proposed league aims to bring together the top baseball clubs from various European countries to compete in a prestigious and highly competitive tournament.

While the meeting in Amsterdam marked an important milestone, the participants acknowledged that this was just the beginning of an ongoing discussion. Recognizing the value of collective input and diverse perspectives, the leaders agreed to schedule further meetings throughout the season with other European federations.