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Women’s Softball European Cup Winners Cup “A” 2023 - Official Payoff
Women's Softball European Cup Winners Cup A: day five recap
25/08/2023 1 Minute Read

Women's Softball European Cup Winners Cup A: day five recap

The Women's Softball European Cup Winners Cup A continued at the Caronno Pertusella ballpark in Italy, as four games unfolded on day five of the competition.

In the morning of day five of the Women's Softball European Cup Winners Cup A, Sant Boi (ESP) faced off against Les Grizzlys de Grenoble (FRA), with Sant Boi (ESP) emerging victorious with a score of 12-5. This triumph secured their spot in the bronze medal game.

The battle for the second spot in the bronze medal game saw Wesseling Vermins (GER) taking on Tempo Praha (CZE). In a closely fought encounter, Wesseling Vermins (GER) secured their place with a hard-fought 6-4 victory, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown for third place.

Hoboken Pioneers (BEL) faced a tough challenge against Sparks Haarlem (NED), resulting in a 3-10 loss in five innings.

The home team, Caronno (ITA), delivered a commanding performance against Wesseling Vermins (GER), triumphing with a decisive 8-0 victory. This marked the sixth mercy rule win of the tournament, a testament to Caronno's (ITA) exceptional form.

Due to ongoing weather challenges, the round-robin matches to define the final standings positions from fifth to seventh unfortunately will not be played. As a result, the final rankings have been determined based on the outcomes of the round-robin matches: Tempo Praha (CZE) ranked fifth, Les Grizzlys de Grenoble (FRA) ranked sixth, and the Hoboken Pioneers (BEL) ranked seventh.

Looking ahead, Saturday, August 26, promises to be a day of intense softball action. The bronze medal game between Wesseling Vermins (GER) and Sant Boi (ESP) is set to take place at 10:00.

Sparks Haarlem (NED) and Caronno (ITA) already emerged as the standout teams of the competition, securing their places in the final game on day four. The gold medal game is re-scheduled for 12:30.

Cover photo by Connie Theissen