21/08/2023 - 26/08/2023


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Women’s Softball European Cup Winners Cup “A” 2023 - Official Payoff
Sparks Haarlem clinches Women's Softball European Cup Winners Cup A title
26/08/2023 1 Minute Read

Sparks Haarlem clinches Women's Softball European Cup Winners Cup A title

In a nail-biting final, Sparks Haarlem emerged victorious in the Women's Softball European Cup Winners Cup A held in Caronno Pertusella, Italy, on Saturday, August 26, 2023. The Dutch team secured the gold medal, Caronno (ITA) clinched the silver, and Sant Boi (ESP) secured the bronze after the victory over Wesseling Vermins (GER).

In the gold medal game of the Women's Softball European Cup Winners Cup A, Sparks Haarlem scored four runs in the opening inning through hits by FOREMAN, PRINCIC, POOT, and BOERSMA. Caronno responded, managing to put a run on the scoreboard in the bottom of the first inning. EGUCHI's on third base scored on a GASPAROTTO's sacrifice fly, closing the gap.

Caronno scored again in the third inning, with EGUCHI once again in the spotlight as she secured a double. GASPAROTTO's subsequent single brought EGUCHI home, narrowing the gap further to 4-2.

However, Sparks Haarlem continued to press forward, with SMIT and FOREMAN delivering crucial doubles that allowed the Dutch team to secure an additional run. 5-2.

GASPAROTTO continued to shine in the sixth inning, as she capitalized on an illegal pitch to bring Caronno at 5-3. The game's momentum continued in the seventh inning as GASPAROTTO hit a single that enabled CECCHETTI Lara to score, followed by CALDON capitalizing on yet another illegal pitch to tie the game, taking it to a tie-break situation.

The ninth inning saw Sparks Haarlem seize the moment. FOREMAN's clutch double drove OOMES home, giving the Dutch team the lead. Caronno fought valiantly to stage a comeback, but Sparks Haarlem's tight defense held strong, securing their win in the Women's Softball European Cup Winners Cup A 2023.

In the bronze medal game, Sant Boi (ESP) won 4-3 against Wesseling Vermins (GER). The Spanish team scored once on the first, once on the third and twice on the fourth, establishing a solid lead. Although the Germans mounted a late-game rally with three runs in the seventh inning, it wasn't enough to turn the tide. Sant Boi emerged victorious, claiming the bronze medal.

Cover photo by Giovanni Pini