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Massimo Romeo passed away
10/09/2021 1 Minute Read

Massimo Romeo passed away

It is with profound sorrow that it was announced the passing of Massimo Romeo. The European Softball community mourns his loss.

ESF Hall of Famer Massimo Romeo passed away on September 5, 2021, after a life dedicated to softball and its development.

Massimo Romeo was the European Softball Federation Vice President from 2001 to 2004 when he was appointed First Vice President until 2005. In 2010, Massimo Romeo entered the ESF Hall of Fame as a Member of Honor in the administrators' category.

Massimo was an enthusiast who has always put the growth of youth softball in the first place through many initiatives, as evidenced by the establishment of the "European Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy", named after him. 

Softball Europe President Gabriel Waage commented on Massimo Romeo's passing: “I met Massimo in the middle of 90th for the first time and I was fascinated by the enthusiasm he showed about kids playing softball. It is a great honor to have Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy in Europe, dedicated to his effort in youth and softball development. Massimo will stay in our hearts by this event forever, his legacy will live on at EMRYT.”.