08/06/2022 - 12/06/2022


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Confederation Cup 2022 - Official Payoff

The Rouen Huskies win the Men's Baseball "Challenge de France"

The Rouen Huskies win the Men's Baseball "Challenge de France"
During the weekend, the Huskies from Rouen won the "Challenge de France" and qualified for the 2023 European Cup.

At the 2022 "Challenge de France", Savigny won the semifinal against Montpellier, 5-6, while Rouen topped Sénart, 2-1, to qualify for the championship game. 

In the gold medal game, the Rouen Huskies topped the Savigny Lions, 11-2, present at this level of competition for the first time since 2012.

Jaferson Gomez Lopen (Rouen) won the MVP award, and his teammate Louis Brainville (Rouen) was the best hitter in the four-day tournament. Kevin Canelon (Montpellier) proved to be the best pitcher with a 0.00 ERA.

The top eight teams of the Men's Baseball French Division 1 Championship competed for a spot at the 2023 European Cup in Chartres, France. The competition was played in a modified double-elimination format followed by crossover semi-finals and final.

All the results and statistics can be found at ffbs.wbsc.org.

The winners of the Challenge de France Rouen Huskies will host and compete in the 2022 Men's Baseball European Confederation Cup.

Photo by Glenn Gervot/FFBS